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About Alkahhal

It is astonishing that many of the historians of science considered ophthalmology an Arab medicine. They see that Ali bin Issa al-Kahal was the greatest ophthalmologist in the Middle Ages. The author of "The Ticket" is considered the greatest medical literature of that era. Founded in 1994, Al-Kahhal Medical Services Company is located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the opening of its first medical center in Dammam (Al-Kahhal Center) to be the first of its kind specialized in ophthalmology With all specialties A certified by JCIA Accreditation , specialized and day operations and all that a patient needs Laayoune (Al Kahal) is a unique hotel, family and service center specially designed to provide high-quality sleep services suitable for the center's visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom, You can find out about the clinics'privacy policy and the latest offers.

Accordingly, and in the year (2013) and as a result of the market need in the Eastern Province, the Al-Kahhal Medical Services Company adopted the development of its services and the creation of a specialized center in ((Neurology)) under the supervision of the elite consultants and Saudi university professor who are classified as experts in the world in this field. Specialization. In 2014, dental clinics were developed in ((Kahhal Center)) and a specialized center for oral and dental medicine and surgery was opened in and reinforced with the latest technologies of high-level dental devices and laboratories under the management of a group of Arab and Saudi consultants and specialists in accordance with international quality standards in dental medical services. Al-Kahal Medical Services in 2015, where its first branch was opened in ((Al-Ahsa / Al-Hofuf)) and strengthened with the latest scientific techniques in ophthalmology, surgery and cosmetic surgery, whether with specialized equipment, advanced operating rooms and distinctive hotel services, under the supervision of senior Saudi consultants in the Eastern Province with cadres High level technical and training.

about alkahhal

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(AL-Kahhal Medical) is the first and the leading regional and international in achieving the international medical standards for the quality of health care.

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We work with high professionalism, precision and skill with state of the art medical equipment and the best integrated surgical capabilities.